REVIEW: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Having pined after this little tube of French skincare for a good ol' while, but having equally been put off by the difficulty in sourcing it, I think you could say I was pretty damn excited when I saw this on the shelves in Boots.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is what a lot of the beauty blogging world would call a holy grail product, and I wanted in on some of the action. I've been using it every day and night - something pretty unusual for this gal with a sloppy skincare routine - and thought I'd note down my thoughts.

I like it. Quite a lot actually. I like that it is both lightweight, yet intensely moisturising at the same time. It's light to the touch and easy to apply and rub in, though it takes a few minutes to then sink in. I don't mind that though - it makes me feel as though it is properly moisturising and nourishing my face. I also really like that the smell is pleasant, but not in any way overpowering, which can really turn me off a product.

Have I seen any differences? Yes. Towards the beginning of the week, I saw some pretty immediate changes: my skin became supple and soft and all kinds of nice. Even though I didn't have bad skin before, there was definitely a noticeable difference. I did wake up today, however, and notice the bottom of my right cheek and my chin have done that 'bobbly' thing (I can't think of how else to describe it!), but I think I can safely put this down to a swift drop in temperature this week.

At £13 for this pretty tiny tube, it's not the cheapest of the drugstore's offerings. But I definitely think this is going to be a re-purchase from me. I think it's a great base for makeup, and I've enjoyed using it in the evenings as well. And most importantly for me - I actually have been sticking to using it, and being excited to apply it, which is pretty much unknown round this neck of the woods!

Have you ever tried Embryollise products? What's your favourite drugstore moisturiser?



Berlin Photo Diary

I recently took a rather lovely 3 day trip to Berlin to surprise my best friend for her 21st birthday.

Let's just say I want to go back ASAP.

It was the most beautiful, clean and relaxed city I've ever visited. I had the best 3 days, and the weather was really on our side. The street food was fantastic (and cheap!), the main sights were breathtaking and the culture and history engrained in the city were just amazing, especially for a history nerd like me.

Berlin - I will be back. I'd actually really love to go for the Christmas markets.

What's your favourite European city? Have you been to Berlin?


REVIEW: KIKO Luscious Cream Lipstick in 518

Let's set the scene here. When browsing colourful makeup shops - I'm looking at you MAC, KIKO and INGLOT - I always find myself drawn to the same shade, the same hue, the same colour family. I'm not proud of it, and even worse, it's not the classiest or most chic of colours either. It's your standard bubblegum pink.

Essentially, this lipstick is a winner in my books. Here's why: If you're anything like me, and adore MAC Saint Germain and other such high-end shades, but wince handing over the cash, this lipstick may just be your guy. In terms of colour, it's pretty much a straight dupe for Saint Germain.

The colour pay off is pretty damn good. It's no Amplified finish, but with a few slicks, you can build up a pretty good colour. The thing that stands out for me with this lipstick though, is their finish. Super shiny, and super lightweight and comfortable on the lips.

With that, it goes without saying that these won't be your holy grail if you're into a long-lasting kind of affair. For me, this is a perfect lipstick to throw in my bag and touch up the Saint Germain I've applied earlier that morning, throughout the day.

Have you tried KIKO? It's one of my all time favourite brands!

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