Holiday Outfit #1

Hey everyone!

I have just returned from a lovely week holidaying in Tunisia. It was absolutely beautiful and super hot! I took a couple of outfit photos in the  evenings, so I thought I would pop up some pictures for you all, maybe to give some inspiration for holiday outfits, wherever you may be headed.

Where are you all headed this summer?


TRAVEL: Budapest


What a pretty lil' city.

I got whisked off to the Hungarian capital for my birthday by my best friend - back in April, woops! - but thought it would still be worth me uploading a few shots from the trip. I absolutely adored the city, and would go back in a heartbeat, it's probably one of my favourite cities in Europe. I've popped a few tips at the bottom of this post, just in case you are planning on heading to this beautiful place any time soon!

As a quick sidenote - I didn't even manage to grab my camera for this surprise trip, so unfortunately the photos are of iPhone 5 quality. Le sigh.
As I say, apologies for the quality, but you get the general gist of the sights, views and general beautiful-ness of Budapest that I managed to capture in the 3 days we were there. Now for a couple of tips:

MONEY - You just don't need much of it. At all. Budapest is the cheapest city I've visited, and it's absolutely great. Dinner can be had for less than a fiver (including a glass of wine) if you have a gander, and street food is not only awesome, but super cheap too. Attractions are also of this nature, most being either free or between £1-5.

PUBLIC SPAS - Amazing. This is the only thing we paid a little more for (equivalent to £10) but it is absolutely worth it. I would say you only need to visit one in your time in Budapest - we went to the main one in the central park - cause once you've seen one, I've heard they're pretty similar. If you happen to be visiting on a Saturday, head there in the evening, where they put on a little bit of a party.

TRANSPORT - Again, very reasonable indeed. The ticket situation is a little confusing, because you have to use little stamping machines. We opted for a travelcard for our entire three days so we didnt need to faff about stamping, but in fact we actually didn't use public transport very much at all. Budapest is small enough to walk for the most part we found!

NIGHTLIFE - I mean, these guys know how to party. Szimpla Bar is amazing and is a must-see bar whilst you're in Budapest, the interior is crazy. Instant was our club of choice - again, such a good night out: drinks are - you've guessed it - very cheap, and the music is amazing.

SPLITTING YOUR TIME - As you probably (might or might not) know, Budapest is split into two: Buda and Pest. I would definitely recommend giving yourself more time in Buda than Pest. We did Pest in about 3/4 of a day, and still thought there were things in Buda we wanted to see by the time we left.

If you've got any questions, do let me know!