My Everyday Summer Makeup

Since gaining a tan, going blonder (post to come!) and buying a new favourite make up product recently, things have changed up around here in the ol' face department.

A newly acquired tan means a foundation is no longer needed for me, so I'm sticking to a dab of concealer at the moment, though I could have done with a little more in these photos! A swipe of MAC Bronzer, and a dash of Style blush - again by MAC - and that's pretty much it.

At the moment however, it's all going down in the eye area. Firstly, I'm back to using MAC Fling on my eyebrows which I love as it's much softer than my Sleek Brow Kit. My favourite new product that I mentioned before is the Sephora Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in Deep Brown: I've been using it on my lower and upper lash lines, smudging them out to make a very simple brown smokey eye, and adding it to my water and tight lines too! It's so simple and quick but I love the way it looks and it lasts all day long. A swipe of Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara and I'm done.

On my lips, I've been loving just using lipliners by themselves. This one is KIKO Smart Lip Pencil in 700, but I'm also a massive fan of No7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude.

So that's it! It does sound like a lot of product when all written down - and an awful lot of MAC, oops! - but it takes me under 10 minutes in the morning. What's your go-to summer make-up?



REVIEW: Rebel by MAC

I feel like everyone has a 'To Purchase' list as long as their arm of MAC lipsticks, and this particular one has been on my list for a long old while. Introducing Rebel; what I'd describe as a rich purple with a gorgeous fuchsia undertone, sitting somewhere between a matte and cremesheen finish.

Though the above picture looks nothing like the shade you get when applied to your lips straight from the bullet (sorry!), it is a true representation of the fuchsia stain which sticks around after eating/drinking/going about your daily life for a few hours. I really like this about it - you kind of get a lipstick and a lip stain for your pennies, and it really does stay for absolutely ages.

I don't have anything like it in term of shade, and I haven't seen anything even similar in the shops either. Though it is a bit of a bold, statement lip, I've worn this a few times in the day and it somehow doesn't seem to be too overpowering. Win.

What lipsticks are on your never-ending MAC Lipstick list? I think Creme Cup or Snob are next up for me.


OUTFIT: Canary Yellow


Probably the brightest thing in my wardrobe by a clear mile, but I love this dress! It was a Zara sale bargain (no shock there then) and only cost £12.99. I've admired it for a while, but at that price it found it's way swiftly into my till stash. I hadn't purchased previously because I knew it would only be worn once or twice a year, since a colour like this will only work on super tanned skin or generally darker skin tones.

Getting pictures in the blazing sun proved hard, so my shoes were pretty much non existent in all of the shots. Essentially, they were nude high wedges. I'd normally chuck on some flip flops or simple sandals with this, but we were heading out to dinner, so wedges it was.

Would you wear something so bright?



OUTFIT: Zara Floral Trousers

 TROUSERS - ZARA [sale] / T SHIRT - ZARA [sale] / SHOES - ZARA [sale] / BAG - PARFOIS

I decked myself out in Zara head-to-toe without even realising. Seems to be a bit of a pattern these days though; Zara is definitely my favourite high street shop, and their sale is dangerous territory for my bank account.

I spotted these floral trousers on the sale rack in Portugal, and ran to grab them. I've seen them on someone before (but can't remember who!) and I've been wanting them ever since but could never find them. Most trousers in this style do not suit me at all, but the hight waist and tight fit of these make them comfortable but most importantly wearable with pieces already in my wardrobe.

I'll definitely be dressing these up for a night out with a crop top and heels, but it's nice that I can wear them casually like this too.

Do you have any statement trousers? How do you prefer to wear them?

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