REVIEW: Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

I'll keep this post short and brief, because to be honest I've harped on enough about this stuff already. But just for the record, this is my perfect kind of concealer, and... it's also really bloomin' cheap.

It's creamy, but feels so weightless and not at all cakey when applied to the skin. I use this for both under eye circles (in a lighter shade) as well as blemishes and imperfections (in my true skin shade) and it works seamlessly for both. It blends well and sinks into the skin rather than sitting on top or 'caking' up.

To be honest, I reach for this over my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which everyone adores, as I think it creases less and the colour selection is much better for my skin tone.

Have you tried this? Or do you love the Collection Lasting Perfection?


My Favourite Healthy Summer Smoothies

I, like the rest of humankind it seems, have been really enjoying smoothies and juices over the past few months. They're super healthy, quick to make and not to mention, so yummy. There's two variations of smoothies I generally stick to - and I usually have them in the morning for breakfast - and I thought I'd share them, even though there's a million different versions all over the interwebz. So, two smoothies are coming at ya today, and hopefully my two favourite juices will be here next week!

Like any juice or smoothie, you can add in or take out anything in this. I don't always use an avocado, for example, but it does make it creamier and more filling, so I'll usually add it in if this will be my actual meal. Without the avocado, this is my morning juice, and I add more water, apple juice, and some chopped apple too. Though it looks crazy and green, it tastes amazingly sweet and yummy, and is so good for you: this gives me so much energy which lasts until lunchtime. To make a 'Mean Green' you will need:
  • Quarter of a pineapple, chopped
  • Half an avocado (optional)
  • A small handful of blueberries
  • A large handful (and a half!) of spinach
  • Chunk of cucumber with the skin left on
  • Water/apple juice
  • Chia seeds, soaked (optional)

I couldn't quite capture how pretty this smoothie looks. It's like a bright lilac, and it's so pretty! This is more of a typical breakfast smoothie as it's creamy and thick and incorporates a banana! I add flaxseed and finely milled nuts to boost the health benefits, but as with before you can add or remove anything from these recipes. Just make sure you use lots of lovely blueberries as they make the colour amazing and are great anti-oxidants. To make a Blue Banana you will need:

  • Large handful of blueberries
  • Small banana
  • Milk: I use oat, almond or soya milk, but skimmed or semi-skimmed milk would also be fine!
  • Flaxseed with finely milled nuts (optional, available here)
  • Cherry soya yoghurt/natural yoghurt (again, optional - I don't usually add this!)

So there we have it. If you're wondering, I use this blender and I love it. I really recommend it as it's great for people on-the-go or in a rush, as you can blend and leave the house with no hassle. I'd love to know any of your favourite smoothies? Juices coming soon!


Current Favourites

1 // TANGLE TEEZER - It's hard to express quite how happy I am to have this back in my life after losing it for months. It's true: no other brush does it quite like this one. Tangle free in minutes, and as painless as possible. Thumbs up.

2// WELEDA SKIN FOOD - I haven't heard much about this stuff on the interwebs, but it is seriously amazing. I think it's named as one of Victoria Beckham's holy grail products, but I found this milling around in one of my sister's unused drawers. I slapped it on my hands just to see: and it is pretty damn fantastic. Though I don't think it's exclusively for hands, it manages to make them insanely soft in a matter of seconds. It's a pretty thick and somewhat oily formula, but it sinks in super quick. I love this stuff.

3// PRIMARK MAKE UP WIPES - For quite how cheap these are (2 packs for £1!), these are pretty badass. Nothing too groundbreaking, but they take off my makeup really well and don't break me out at all.

4// KIKO NAIL POLISH IN SPRING GREEN - I've had this for quite some time. And though it's bright and somewhat obnoxious, it's a colour I always come back to in the summer. It's bright without being too bright, and the formula is such a pleasure to use. I wear this on my toes almost all summer long!

5// REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE - Still in love with this. A lot. Full review is here if you'd like to see the full, rambly product rave!

6// SOAP AND GLORY 'ARCHERY' BROW DUO - Now that I've gone lighter with my hair, I haven't used this quite as much due to colouring, but I didn't want this to slip through the net on my blog, because it really is a great product. It's unlike any other drugstore eyebrow product I'm aware of: one end is a waxy pencil/pen and the other is a lightly tinted felt tip which looks super natural.

7// SEVENTEEN STAY TIME CONCEALER - This stuff gives it's Collection Lasting Perfection counterpart a run for it's money. This is somewhat creamier and less cakey to me, and the colouring too is much better for my skin tone. Definitely worth trying if you're looking from a change from the Collection one!

Any current recommendations?

University Summer Ball + Giveaway Winner!

Playsuit - Miss Selfridge / Shoes - Matalan (similar
Just a quick post today! Above are some pictures from my University Summer Ball this year, which was a really fun night to end the year on. I loved this sequinned playsuit so much - it looks exactly like a dress (most people thought it was!) and has a really lovely back detail which I have no photos of unfortunately. It's surprisingly stretchy, though the sequins between my legs (albeit with the absence of a thigh gap) wasn't the most pleasant thing ever.

The shoes.... Let's just say they err on the side of 'ouch' in terms of pain ratings. Shameful confession: I did have to change them 2 hours in. Oops. But they do look amazing - these will be saved for sit-down occasions!

Now...The giveaway winner: well done to Natalie Crossan! The Maylash Serum will be on it's way tomorrow.

Did you go to a ball this year? Or do you have a summer ball/prom coming up?

PS - The playsuit will be for sale on my depop this week! Follow me!


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